Why are LED’s better than other lighting?

  • LED’s use far less energy.  In some cases, they use up to 90% less power than halogens or incandescent lighting
  • LED’s last much longer, up to 50,000 hours compared to a compact fluorescent of about 8,000 hours, a halogen lamp life of around 1,500 hours or incandescent lamp life of around 1,200 hours. Used 12 hours a day, a 50,000 bulb will last more than 11 years. Used 8 hours a day, it will last 17 years!
  • LED’s generate very little heat and are safe to be placed anywhere around the home, in commercial premises, or in any industrial application.  They are excellent for use in confined spaces.  Halogen and incandescent lamps generate high heat and cannot be placed in all areas or in confined spaces. LED’s can be placed in any location, unlike other lighting where consideration needs to be made about placement regarding heat, glare, safety and ease of maintenance.
  • LEDs emit low UV whereas halogen generates higher UV.  Ultraviolet radiation causes fabric fading, colour fading in art, carpeting and other soft goods. LED’s do not produce any of the buzzing or flickering that many people are sensitive to. 
  • Because of their low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, LED lighting systems are particularly suited to usage with solar power systems, especially in remote or unattended areas.  
  • Benefits from installing and using LED lights are immediate.  Industrial and commercial sites will discover immediate and substantial cost savings, not only from running costs, but also longer term maintenance and replacement costs.
  •  LED’s are safe to use in homes, are fantastic in stores, libraries and galleries due to their low uv emissions, and are safe around plants. 

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