Max Sutherland – CEO of FutureLight®

FutureLight® is an Australian owned business which designs, manufactures and distributes quality energy efficient light products and incorporates a research and development division.

FutureLight® works in conjunction with electrical engineers from within Australian businesses to bring to the fore front of design a comprehensive LED lighting package suited specifically for their purpose.

For the past seven years, FutureLight® has been involved from the infancy of effective LED lighting for commercial situations to the current state of the art evolution of where LED lighting is today.

In 2007 FutureLight®  had one of the first triac compatible dimming solutions for LED lighting. Since then FutureLight® has continued to evolve that technology to make dimming LED’s effectively and smoothly.

Using state of the art, innovative designs and incorporating cutting edge technology, FutureLight®  can light your world.

If your energy bills are high and your current method of lighting impacts on your budget, we can help with an ECO friendly LED solution.

Let us be your solution to “Lighting the Future”.